Project documentation

Project documentation for the construction of the facility is being developed to determine town planning, technological, architectural, environmental, and engineering solutions, construction costs, and technical and economic indicators of the elevator according to the approved project documentation, working documentation is developed for construction work.

Project and working documentation contain:

  • Technological solutions.
  • Architectural solutions
  • Constructive solutions.
  • Engineering networks and structures: power supply, lightning protection and grounding, water supply, drainage, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, gas supply, communication networks, dispatching, signaling, etc.
  • Elevator automation solutions.
  • Construction organization project.
  • Environmental protection measures.
  • Labor protection measures.
  • Measures to ensure fire and explosion safety.
  • Engineering and technical measures of civil protection.
  • Construction estimate.
  • Explanatory note.

The developed project documentation is being examined. Project protection is carried out by ActiveProject specialists.

Technological designing

Technological designing – development of the most optimal technological solutions, formation of technological solutions modules object.

The technological project includes:

  • Calculation of the movement of raw materials:
    • Acceptance and release of grain. Annual, daily, and peak volumes. Coefficients of unevenness.
    • Batches of receiving and shipping grain. Coefficients of unevenness.
  • Calculation of equipment, buildings, and structures:
    • Grain storage: silos, grain storage hoppers, etc
    • Acceptance and release of grain by road, rail, or water transport: Truck unloaders, backfill pits, etc.
    • Grain weighing: automobile scales, railway scales, bunker scales.
    • Grain cleaning: separators, scalpers, triers, etc.
    • Grain drying: mine, tower, modular dryers.
    • Grain aspiration: shelters, ducts, nozzles, fans, etc.
    • Grain aeration: in warehouses, hoppers.
    • Processing and storage of waste: magnetic separators, triers, crushers
    • Grain transportation: norias, conveyors, gravity grain pipelines, etc
    • Grain quality control: laboratory equipment.
  • Technological solutions:
    • Technological scheme of the elevator, flows.
    • Scheme of the general plan of the site, traffic scheme.
    • Regulation of the main operations of the elevator. Timing.
    • Regulation of grain accounting.
    • Summary schedules of the elevator.
    • Staff schedule.
    • Calculation of elevator efficiency.
  • Modeling and analysis:
    • Construction of a simulation computer model of the elevator.
    • Checking the model in different modes taking into account changes in batches, volumes, and characteristics of incoming raw materials, various technological equipment taking into account passports, technical and operational indicators, and emergencies.
  • Construction solutions:
    • Engineering loads.
    • General foundation plan.
    • Basic solutions for the foundations of the main buildings and structures. Specification (dependency on geological conditions).
    • Design tasks.
    • Tasks to perform engineering and geological surveys.
  • Three-dimensional visualization